Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 9 | Part 4/4 | เว็บดูหนังฟรี | เดอะวอกกิ้งเดส 9

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Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 9 | Part 4/4 | เว็บดูหนังที่เร็วที่สุด

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Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 9 | Part 4/4
Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 9 | Part 4/4

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Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 9 | Part 4/4

เดอะวอกกิ้งเดส 9.


36 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 9 | Part 4/4 | เว็บดูหนังฟรี | เดอะวอกกิ้งเดส 9”

  1. Missing the sin about where the hell did the whisperers suddenly came from. I believe it was Alpha who said that they (the normal people) intruded the whisperer territory.
    So for some seasons and in-plot years Rick and his Scoobie gang lived in Alexandria, then traveled from one settlement to another, were at war with Negan, go on traveling back and forth – building a damn bridge and they never met the whisperers in that time while crossing their territory over and over and over again.

    But then suddenly here they are – out of thin air as if some writer just wrote them into existence as well as their territory right in the damn middle of everything. And no one not even Negan knew about the Whisperers. Oh wait…

    Well that alone are 100 sins + 😅

  2. "they're trying painfully hard to make kids wise in this damn show and its annoying"

    remember when they made Carl a dumbass and everyone complained? lizzie and mika? Henry? all the kids at the prison?….idk

  3. 2:50 fairly sure "the girl stays" means stays with them 😂 while Daryl is against that bc it would endanger their friends since alpha/beta would try to get lydia back again

  4. Look I understand that Beta is a tough bastard and all but Jesus Mary and Joseph there's no f*** way he wouldn't break something with that fall hitting his body everywhere landing with his face or his butt or whatever,in Fast and Furious Hobbs fall from a building landing with his back in a car and still broke a arm and this dude was pushed in a elevador hole with narrow space hitting everything all the way down and not even a scratch F*** that 🤣

  5. In season 10 beta and alpha die. And maggie comes back in episode 17, along with learning about the new reaper villains and a bew character called princess. They meet a big highly armed group with guns and. Ballistic armor called the commonwealth. Btw negan kills alpha by acting as one of their own and gaining their trust. When Beta finds out alpha dies he removes her face and wears it as a mask. He then proceeds to take his massive hoard and kill them all. In the end negan and daryl work together, daryl stabs beta in his eyes and the walkers eat him. We also find out he was a old song artist because there is posters of him on the wall from back in the day. We learn carol let negan out simply to act as a whisper and get revenge for them killing Henry. Also michonne finds clues that ricks alive so she leaves off on her own journey with a massive group in the west. Earlier in the season alpha leads them to a trap and they get stuck in a cave where she keeps her walker hoard. The group uses ways to get out and the cave blows up. Everyone got out but magna and connie. Daryl blames carol because she set the bombs to escape. Everyone assumes they are dead until, beta negan and alpha work to burn hilltop down, they successfully destroy the place and we find magna covered in guts and she is alive. She also doesn’t know where connie is. Later is episode 16 we find connie made it out too. In another episode beta takes a secret tunnel under alexandria and digs his way through the base. He proceeds to kill some alexandrians and massacres them like its a michael myers movie. This all takes place at night time when the group is out scavenging. Sorry for spoiling this is for the people who wont be able to watch season 10 at all.


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