Fender Custom Shop Unboxing – 26th July 2021 | fender custom shop | ข้อมูลการแบ่งปันเว็บไซต์เกี่ยวกับดนตรีชั้นนำของประเทศไทย

คุณต้องการที่จะเห็นบทความในหัวข้อFender Custom Shop Unboxing – 26th July 2021?ถ้าใช่โปรดดูในบทความนี้

Fender Custom Shop Unboxing – 26th July 2021 | เว็บไซต์ฟังเพลงฟรี

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รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อFender Custom Shop Unboxing – 26th July 2021

Fender Custom Shop Unboxing – 26th July 2021

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We haven’t been here for quite a while, so what better way to bring back a Fender Custom Shop unboxing then to have over THIRTY Fender Custom Shop Strats and Teles? We have Masterbuilds, NOS, heavy relic’s and even a few lefties!

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Sit back as this is a long one, enjoy!

Stay tuned to our website and our Peach Boutique YouTube channel to check out all of these fantastic guitars from the Fender Custom Shop in all of their glory!

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Fender Custom Shop Unboxing – 26th July 2021

fender custom shop.


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  1. So being left-janded makes you a 'moaner' – hmmmmmm…

    Anyway, I would be interested in the blue NOS tele but it ain't on your website so probably sold already?

  2. I used to dislike Relic'd guitars and didn't see the appeal at all. But, then I bought one and I ended up being blown away by how much I like it. Since then I LOVE Relic'd .. actually the heavier relic'd the better.

  3. Sorry, but a flame rip sawn neck will never be as stable, as a birdsey, or 1/4 sawn neck. You can roast all that flame maple, but it will never be stable. I do not believe it should have an upcharge for a neck that may twist.

  4. Mick Taylor would be upset that all the fingerboard radii are 9.5" not 7.5". I haven't ever played a 7.5". I imagine, if you do a good setup, they play just fine. But isn't that what the internet is for: talking about something about which one knows nothing?

  5. I long to come through those saloon doors and look up to those high walkways fully expecting to see dancing girls whoopin' ana – hollerin'….. Miss your wonderful shop! Bought two perfect guitars from you guys ( Jeff actually!…)…. True historic gold top and a southerner j-45….most perfect 6 stringers I've had in 51 years!!

  6. Hair looking good bro 😎 Curious as to why Fender rarely does finish checking on the necks I had a 58 that had more checking on the neck than the body My CS Troposphere strat has it on the body but none on neck Love those DWs…all of them really

  7. So, we have over 30 Fender Custom Shop guitars (mostly strats). If the average cost for a Custom Shop guitar is approx. £3,800 then x 30 (31,32?), this comes to (ballpark figure) £120,000 of guitar heaven. I still wouldn't get rid of my various strats (2015 Mexican, 1987 Korean, 2 Affinities 1999 and 2004, and a crabby 2007 cheapo that's not very good).

  8. Too bad that sunburst black humbucker is a south paw . Then it’s also too bad I don’t have the money for it anyway . I’m sure there’s a lefty out there looking for that kinda sunburst tortoise pickguard HSS relic vibe. It looks like it oozes mojo .The last one too . I’m digging the reverse skunk stripe too . I’m sure those will make some lefty players very happy , or a right handed Hendrix style .

  9. Just don’t get the appeal of the reliced guitars. If I pay a premium price for a nice guitar I want it in pristine condition and I’ll age it myself by playing it. Maybe I should go into business relicing guitars Rub the crap out of them then bang them around awhile a voila instant relic and I get paid !


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